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Digital transformation relies on cutting-edge technologies and skilled workforce. Intersog provides IT and talent solutions that help businesses drive change they need. We design, develop and maintain custom software solutions using our professionalism and robust expertise.
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Differentiate Your Business with Custom Software Development

Our custom software development services in Canada allow businesses to differentiate themselves and be more competitive, more agile. We will design, code and deploy the mission-critical applications your business relies on. Intersog will help you:
  • Build software development teams and IT talent for your business
  • Develop customized software as per your unique requirements
  • Modernize back-end and legacy applications and capitalize on emerging technology
  • Improve customer experiences and bring feature-rich products to market faster

customization to client’s unique requirements


reduced time to market


IT experts and developers
available for hire

Custom Software and Digital Transformation

Where IT talent and innovation come together to drive change that matters to your business.
Custom Software
Cloud and DevOps
Application Modernization
Product Development
Tech Hiring
Mobile Development

Bring your creative ideas to life

We will work side-by-side with you to conceptualize and design your custom desktop software as per your business requirements. No more hassle with application development, design and maintenance. Tell us about your creative idea and let us bring it to live.

Intersog has been providing IT consulting and custom software development services for American, Canadian and European businesses for over 15 years. Being recognized as one of the best custom software developers in Canada by, Intersog relies on a time-proven collaborative approach to build innovative digital solutions for startups, small businesses and enterprise customers.

Build and scale cloud applications

Intersog helps Canadian and American businesses rapidly develop diverse cloud architecture applications at low hour rates, handle huge traffic spikes, and remove scalability bottlenecks in multi-cloud infrastructures.

Our cloud DevOps and IT services software development can reduce total cost of operations by up to 30% and network bottlenecks by up to 25%. We use the latest technologies like containerization, microservices and automation to remove the complexity of managing custom applications across multiple clouds.

Move your portfolio in the right direction

Capitalize on new technology and continuously modernize and improve your custom applications to support business agility and move in the right direction.

Intersog IT experts will assess your software portfolio and work out the best strategy for modernization and improvement. We will refactor and replatform your applications, so that your portfolio will better take advantage of cloud models, microservices and containers.

As per our experience, code refactoring and database integration with new systems of engagement can improve application speed by up to 65%

Explore new opportunities for digital transformation

To differentiate and remain competitive, you develop and market new great products that help your business grow in the ever-changing digital landscape.

But managing your product team is a complex task that requires much time and effort. You need to find and integrate the right talent for your team.

We will work with you throughout your product development process to understand your staffing needs and combine our IT expertise with the data and technologies of your business to make the development process more predictive, automated, agile and transparent.

Hire IT talent within 4 weeks

We have specialized tech recruiters in Vancouver and Toronto with deep knowledge of North America IT job markets. We will take on every step of the tech hiring process, so you don't lose your precious time and you keep focused on your core operations.

Hire experienced IT talent for your custom software project in up to 4 weeks, depending on your staffing requirements and project length. Here's how it works:

  • Week 1: analyze your staffing and IT requirements
  • Week 2: send you pre-qualified candidates for your review
  • Week 3: hold technical interviews with selected candidates and submit CVs that meet your requirements
  • Week 4: agree on top candidates, sign the contract, and take on employee onboarding

Create better mobile experiences

Grant your customers better experiences and help your employees do their best work with Intersog custom mobile development and design services. Our programmers will help you define, refine and deliver mobile app experiences in accordance with your holistic business strategy.

  • We will work with you to evaluate your business strategy and develop custom mobile solutions that matter most
  • Access our pool of 250+ talented app developers and engineers who will build comprehensive mobile applications as per your special business requirements
  • With our ongoing IT consulting services, you can stay ahead of the curve and grow your business in the mobile, data driven ecosystem
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Our Proven Approach

We will bring together the skills and technologies needed for your custom software project.
We follow our time-proven IT staffing and outsourcing practices to deliver technology and talent you truly need.
Based on your IT capabilities, we advise on the right tools and solutions to build custom applications.
Our team is populated with engineers, architects, designers, data scientists, QA and DevOps professionals.
With deep expertise in the latest technologies, we're able to deliver exclusive solutions at maximum speed.

Outsource Custom Development

While some companies opt to develop, test, and maintain applications themselves, Intersog has proven that outsourcing computer software development to Canada hels reduce IT costs, hire top candidates faster, and establish safe remote work.
Top Talent
Time to Hire
Reduced Risk
Remote Work

American companies choose to outsource their IT projects to Canada, because nearshore outsourcing can reduce development costs by up to 35%. Canadain developers are well educated, have robust IT experiences, and share the same language and similar work culture as their American counterparts.

Download our guide about Nearshoring to Canada to learn more.

With Intersog custom development outsourcing services, you can find and hire top IT talent in Canada and the United States, with the appropriate expertise and at competitive hourly rates. Our pool of IT talent counts 250 developers, designers, and technology experts available for hire.

U.S. companies fill tech roles in 65 days on average, according to Glassdoor. Hire talented developers in 2-4 weeks with Intersog, depending on your staffing needs. Our clients see 50% more qualified applicants and get new tech hires 3x faster compared to in-house recruitment.

Businesses opt to outsource software development to IT services providers like Intersog as they look to mitigate risks and uncertainties associated with developing new products and startup projects. By working with our IT professionals, you gain access to the broad IT expertise that has proven success in creating custom software solutions that generate solid ROI.

Remote work has got a new meaning in the new normal due to COVID-19. Businesses no longer have to bother about the difficulty of finding local, on-site IT specialists. With Intersog, you can hire top talent capable of working on your project remotely from anywhere regardless of your setup, including virtual workspaces.


Learn more about our IT services and capabilities.
What is custom software development?
The term "custom software development" refers to the process of building and delivering computer programs as per specific requirements defined by users’ needs. Its first widespread application among end users started during the early 1990s with the rise of the internet and e-commerce. Today, custom software development solutions represents an important segment of information technology applications and services; it is not only part of large-scale IT developments, but has become a key element of successful technology transformation processes as well
In contrast to standardised applications (commercial off-the-shelf software - COTS), custom development aims to deliver a special software solution at a narrowly defined set of user requirements. These individual requirements can refer to application customization, modernization and management.
The variety of IT projects which require custom development in Canada varies considerably from client to client and from project to project. Some of these projects are simple tasks, while others require complex solutions. However, what all these projects have in common is the fact that there is no "stock" or "off-the-shelf" solution that could be used to fulfill them
It is Intersog's responsibility to identify the business objectives of its client and to use them as a basis for determining how to design and develop a custom software solution which meets the client's specific needs. Intersog also translates these objectives into technical specifications for the development team responsible for writing the program code required to make this happen.
Does my business need custom software?
According to Capterra’s reporting 2021, around 70% of Canadain and American organizations use off-the-shelf software applications to run their operations. The question whether you need COTS or a custom development solution depends on the goals of your business.
Here is a simple approach to help you make the right choice.
You choose to develop a custom application if your current solution does not deliver at least 80% of the following functions needed for your business:
  • Automation. Support and automate unique business processes and transactions
  • Data. Manage and secure your business’s information
  • Integration. Integrate with legacy applications, existing systems and data at lower cost
  • Business growth. Facilitate cost-effective and productive business development
  • Transformation. Transform your business and adapt to changing requirements
  • Competitiveness. Enable new opportunities and improve competitive advantage.
If you see that any of these challenges cannot be met with the help of your existing commercial software, you want to consider custom software development in Vancouver as a good way to grow and transform your business throughout Canada and North America.
How much does it cost to develop custom software?
There is no single answer because there are a number of factors like team expertise, UX/UI design and system integration that would change the cost dramatically.
Instead, imagine the future of your business, where orders are streamlined and can be taken 24/7. Your customer service reps will never miss another inquiry. And all without the hassle of updating your web and mobile store to keep up with evolving technologies and transformations - that’s one less headache for you! Would you like to take a step closer to this reality?
If so, then you should know that building a custom software solution is not going to be cheap. The good news is that if you go with an IT company like Intersog, you will work with a team of senior developers and IT professionals that will build great software 100% customized to your business needs. We work on software development as a service projects with budgets from 25.000 US dollars.
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