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We will make it easy to build your unique mobile app by relieving the pain around talent and technology. Our skilled IT experts will help you deliver native, hybrid or web-based mobile applications using the right tech stack.
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App Development Services to Transform Your Business

Mobile has become the most popular way for businesses and customers to interact online. No matter the industry, your business can no longer effectively operate without a mobile strategy in place. Drive cost efficiency, increase customer engagement, and create opportunities for innovation with Intersog custom mobile development services.
Here is how we can help you:
years in mobile development
native and hybrid apps delivered
Android and iOS developers

Custom Mobile Apps and APIs

From discovery to development and maintenance, our experts will work with you to evaluate your mobile app portfolio and help create custom solutions and integrate with on-premise and cloud systems.
Mobile Strategy
Customer Experiences
E-commerce Consulting
Big Data and IoT
Backend and APIs

Scale your mobile app strategy quickly

Begin with defining your firm’s mobile goals for 12-18 months, so that you can guide the IT budget and app development timelines accordingly. Ask yourself what mobile trends like socializing, augmented reality and wearables are right for your business in the long term.

With Intersog's top mobile app development services in Canada, you can quickly understand, validate, and scale a holistic mobile strategy for your for small business, startup, or enterprise. Our technology and talent capabilities will help you build a mobile app solution that will strengthen your mobile presence and improve the customer experience you are offering.

Deliver smarter customer experiences

We take a human-led approach to rethinking custom mobile app development strategies from the inside out. Create customer experiences (CX) that harness real-time insights, automation and AI, and achieve high employee engagement and consumer loyalty.

We will combine the best mobile app development technologies with our top talent to help you design and implement digital experiences that lead to total customer satisfaction. Our experts will work with you to identify your IT and staffing needs and provide solutions that sync your business with the right mix of technologies and skills to enable smarter customer experiences.

Develop cross-platform mobile apps using top frameworks

It’s essential to adopt the right mobile app development approach based on your team skills and business requirements.

To be successful in app development, your dev team needs to keep up with the changes in the cross-platform frameworks and programming languages since mobile development is still an evolving technology domain with IoT, AI and Big Data coming to the mobile devices.

With Intersog native and hybrid mobile app development company services, you can develop cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android devices with the same code based on Flutter and React Native as well as Ionic, Xamarin, Native Script, and Apache Cordova.

Drive change in digital commerce

When you adjust your mobile strategy to keep up with the latest e-commerce trends, you are at risk of fragmenting customer experiences that can lead to decreases in customer engagement and brand loyalty.

If this shift happens and you can’t effectively respond to it, your eCommerce agency will experience a lack of scalability and flexibility that results in lengthy app development times and costly API integrations.

The right mix of IT and talent capabilities helps you acquire customers and build better mobile experiences for your e-commerce app. Intersog e-commerce consulting services help you deliver user-tailored app development solutions to exceed business expectations and drive CX transformation.

Leverage the latest technologies to beat the competition

With 3.4 billion smartphone users and 31 billion connected IoT devices (source: Statista), competition in the mobile development market is undeniably tough, making it even more challenging for app developers to deliver something that stands out.

With the power of IoT and Big Data technologies, they can develop outstanding mobile apps that attract and sell. These technologies can provide valuable insights on how users engage with in-app content and what they want to buy and when. With real-time and detailed information at hand, it is much easier for app developers to build custom mobile applications

If your business hasn’t yet leveraged the big potential of IoT and Big Data, it is time to get the most out of these technologies. Partner with Intersog agile mobile application development company in Canada to develop amazing mobile apps powered with IoT and Big Data.

Take advantage of mobile backend and integration technologies

From development through integration and maintenance, Intersog app developers will help you create robust APIs and backend systems for native and hybrid mobile solutions.

Build your extended IT team with Intersog staff augmentation services and utilize Vancouver mobile development resources more strategically.

Implement mobile back-end functionality in multiple ways: full-stack, hybrid, and native solutions. Let Intersog mobile application development services provider to handle both the front-end and the server sides of your mobile application, using Java, Node.js or Ruby on Rails. Bring in our Android and iOS teams to work on your mobile app's development.

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Build Your App Development Project with the Right Tech Stack

Create feature-rich mobile applications for Android phones and tablets using Java, Kotlin or C++.
Build premium iOS applications using native programming languages — Swift and Objective-C.
Benefit from code reusability and shorter time to market with React Native, Xamarin or Flutter.
Backend &
Develop full-stack mobile apps and custom experiences by using cloud backend and API technologies.

Hire a Full-Stack Dedicated Development Team in Canada

Our team in Vancouver and Toronto has delivered more than 285 mobile applications for local and American businesses. We deliver full-stack mobile app development services, including UX/UI design, QA and testing, continuous integration and continuous improvement — with native and hybrid mobile frameworks.
App Developers
UX Designers
QA Engineers
AI/ML Experts
We will help you develop 5-star rated engaging mobile apps using the programming languages, SDKs, and frameworks for full-stack mobile development, including mobile frontend (Cordova, Ionic, React Native, Xamarin) and mobile backend (Swift, Node.js, Java, microservices, cloud).
UI and UX are almost synonymous to a great iOS or Android application. Our experiecned designers will help create visually stunning user interfaces and highly-tailored user experiences that meet the unique needs of your business.
Our app test engineers follow QA best practices and contemporary trends to make sure we’re always up-to-date in terms of modern quality assurance, performance improvement and mobile IoT security standards. Our clients trust the apps we deliver.
We are experienced in using machine learning models like TensorFlow Lite by Google and CoreML by Apple to build applications that offer users enhanced experiences. Mobile chatbots, QnA systems, video game AI agents, image identification are just a few examples of AI technologies we are adopting in our clients’ applications.
We take a holistic approach to mobile cloud and DevOps to enable continuous application delivery and improvement processes for our clients. Our successful cloud DevOps implementations remove manual steps, reduce errors, and increase team agility.


Get answers to your questions about custom app development
Is custom mobile development worth it?
Based on our experience working with clients on digital transformation challenges, developing a custom mobile application can bring essential benefits to your business.
Generally speaking, custom-made apps improve internal processes and customer experiences. For example, a customized shopping app can be designed to streamline customer service and catalogue updates as well as provide personalized recommendations for customers based on their preferences and order history.
Some of the benefits include:
  • Scalability: custom apps can painlessly evolve as the business transforms and grows. You can request our mobile developers and designers to assess the future needs of your app as part of the requirements gathering process.
  • Easier integration: you can integrate a custom mobile application with existing and legacy systems easier than integrating commercial, off-the-shelf software, for example. It can be built to communicate and operate with its intended environments, which is a huge plus.
  • Improved customer experience: by developing a mobile application tailored 100% to your special business and technical needs, you create a solution that your customers will love because all parts of this app will be designed to bring what the customers want and when.
Feel free to contact us to learn more about Intersog and our custom mobile app development services in Vancouver and Toronto.
How to estimate the cost of developing a custom app?
It’s not a simple question. The development cost of your app would depend on multiple factors, including but not limited to technology stack, skills, functionality, time frames, approach, and more. For example, if you’re looking to create an iPhone or Android application, it’s worth noting that you would choose between native and cross-platform development approaches.
If you chose to build a custom-made native application, you would have two dedicated teams for hire: one for the Android app and another one for the iOS app. In case it’s cross-platform development, one team would build your mobile application for both platforms.
Ideally, you contact our expert who will guide you through app development options to help you choose the best approach considering your resources and expectations.
So, if you’re looking to build your own mobile app with Intersog, you can cut down development cost and time significantly by hiring our professional developers and dedicated teams. Feel free to request a free consultation to get started.
Why hire mobile app developers with Intersog?
We understand that every IT project is unique and requires a special approach. Thanks to our software engineering experience and professional developers, we will work with you step by step to identify your staffing and technology needs and bring our best talent to your app development project.
Here are at least three reasons why you should hire top mobile developers and teams with Intersog:
  • Accessible locations: our app development experts are available both on-site in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and other cities) and off-site (Mexico, The United States, Europe). You can choose between nearshore and offshore development approaches, or a combination of both.
  • Affordability: we will provide scalable app teams that can work within your IT budget. Our U.S. clients save up to 35% on development costs and salaries by hiring our Canadain developers.
  • Efficient communication: our local developers share the same language, similar work culture and excellent engineering education as their American counterparts. This proximity enables high efficiency in communication, planning, and dedicated development.
Feel free to request a free consultation to learn more about Intersog mobile application development firm in Vancouver.

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