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Do you need a web application for your business? Hire our skilled web designers and developers in Vancouver to create responsive websites and beautiful web apps.
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Website and Web App Design

Intersog provides professional web design and development services for local clients in Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as across Canada and the United States. Our graphic designers and developers are skilled at making beautiful and functional UI/UX for websites and web applications.
Our Vancouver web design company will help you brainstorm creative solutions and develop eye-catching user interfaces. We will also guide you throughout the development process and ensure you are satisfied with the final result.
  • Top talent: we source only the best web designers and developers in Vancouver and surrounding areas. We only work with the most qualified professionals who meet our high standards for conduct and quality before our clients hire them.
  • Dedicated team: our team is dedicated to understanding your vision, goals, and requirements to deliver web design solutions you love. Our priority is to ensure your project is running as smoothly as possible.
  • Affordable web design: we offer competitive rates for our clients. We encourage you to compare Intersog's prices and see for yourself why we offer competitive rates compared to web design companies in Vancouver.
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IT experts at the ready

Creative Web Designers and Developers from Vancouver

We're a forward-thinking web design and development agency based in Vancouver, providing a full-stack service for any IT project.
Custom Web Design
Web Apps
Dedicated Team
Remote and On-site

We don't do "off-the-shelf"

We design bespoke websites, digital products, and software to match your brief. Whether it be a stunning eCommerce store or a complex cloud backend application, our team provides you with the solutions to succeed on the web, standing out from your competition.

Our creative is tailored to provide an exceptional user experience, so your customers can easily navigate your website or application. We are not just creating pretty images; we are actually giving you something to be proud of. Our extensive bespoke design process ensures you get a quality product that fits your needs.

User experience and interface

We build fast, secure, and functional websites and web applications. Our code is written using industry-standard agile frameworks and project management methodologies, ensuring you receive something truly remarkable.

We have years of experience in various frontend and backend technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Node.js, Python, and MySQL. Our talented web developers and UI/UX designers will build a complete application, for example:

  • Custom CMS
  • eLearning portals
  • eCommerce store
  • News aggregation and search engine optimization (SEO) analytics
  • GPT-based AI systems and apps

Allocated specifically to you

One of our greatest strengths is that we assign a dedicated team to every client with expertise in different domains. We carry out research into your project requirements and work hard to provide excellent service.

All of our team members are skilled in various technologies and disciplines. You can expect the best service from agile, precise, and result-oriented web development and design.

We understand that your business is one of the most important things in your life. If you are new to the world of website design and development, it's a perfect idea to hire a professional that has extensive experience with different web technologies.

Hire top Vancouver designers and developers

We work remotely, but we also have teams in Vancouver, British Columbia. Your project will be delivered by the best web designers and developers from Vancouver or other locations. Our delivery centers are also in Chicago, Illinois, and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Our engagement model allows you to work with your team and developer anytime, anywhere. We will be thrilled to meet you in person or via video conference, which perfectly suits meeting your needs.

Hire remote IT professionals within 4 weeks

We have specialized Vancouver and international in-house recruiters with deep knowledge of Canadian and American IT job markets. We take every step of the IT hiring and consulting process, so you can save precious time and focus on your daily responsibilities.

With Intersog, you can hire professional developers and IT consultants in up to 4 weeks, depending on your staffing requirements and project length. Here's how it works*:

  • Week 1: we communicate with you to analyze your staffing and project requirements.
  • Week 2: you get pre-qualified candidates. There’s no wasted time for you.
  • Week 3: we hold technical interviews with selected candidates and submit CVs that meet your special requirements.
  • Week 4: we agree on the best candidates, sign the contract with you, and take on employee onboarding.

Expand your team with skilled IT resources

Intersog team augmentation is a remote staffing service that allows you to get access to Intersog’s vast pool of IT talent whenever you need to expand your technical team.

Build your tech team with Intersog staff augmentation services and utilize IT resources more strategically. Our professionals are experienced, highly skilled, and have ample exposure to diverse domains. Build a team of Vancouver developers and IT consultants that match your needs today so that you can make critical business decisions with the best resources available.

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Rigorous Vetting Process

Only top candidates with a proven track record.
Proven proficiency
Only those with proven experience get into our talent pool. We review and verify each candidate's soft and hard skills.
In-person interviews
We interview every candidate in person to evaluate their web development, teamwork, and communication skills.
Test assignments
We assign and grade test items. Three in ten applicants get through this round, so we ensure only the best are selected.
Perfect match
We test each applicant's skillset against your unique requirements to find the perfect match for your web design project.

Diverse Tech Stack

Our team in Vancouver, BC, comprises talented developers who grasp today's most innovative web programming languages and frameworks.
Artificial intelligence
Connected Devices
Cloud & DevOps
Hybrid Development
We build robust and scalable AI-backed applications using modern technologies and tech stacks, including TensorFlow, Theano, MxNet, and other AI frameworks. Our web team also specializes in building integrations with third-party systems so that we can provide you with the most comprehensive web developer services possible.
Build intelligent solutions that bring IoT-enabled devices to life and make your products more efficient. We develop IoT applications using .NET, C#, JavaScipt, Go, Rust, and Ruby.
Take advantage of cloud platform market share and utilize cutting-edge DevOps methodologies. We use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other cloud platforms to deploy and support clients' projects.
Build cross-platform and multi-device apps that run natively on iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms of your choice. We use Swift, Java, C#, C++, and more skills to deliver results.
Protect your business from cyber threats and safeguard data with cutting-edge security solutions and IT consulting services. We have a cybersecurity team on standby, waiting to help you develop the IT strategy you need.


Do you have additional questions?
1. How to choose the right web design company?
When looking for an affordable web design company in Vancouver or another place, you might come across a lot of options. You will have to check out their portfolio, reviews, and rates.
However, the essential factor is their experience and qualifications. You will want to only work with professional web design and development agencies with many years of experience in the field. It is not just about the fees. You will want to ensure that your project will be delivered on time with excellent quality of service.
2. How does a web designing company work?
A web designing company will ask a few questions about your requirements and offer several options. Then, you will receive a quote for the project, and you can accept or decline the proposal.
Most of them will also require some documents, including your website brief, site logo/illustration, and information about user registration. The best web design companies will give you a concept to choose from, and you can also chat with their staff to get more details.
In most cases, web design agencies will also offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements. This is where you will meet the creative team and discuss your project in detail.

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