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We are a Vancouver-based IT consulting company that helps Canadain and American businesses adopt agile technology strategies and hire skilled talent. Digitalize operations, build tech teams, and deliver software projects with Intersog’s IT consulting services.
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Get the right technologies and talent for your business

Founded on a client-centric model, our IT consulting services improve efficiency and cost savings, allowing you to rethink and accelerate digital transformation. We prove the business value of software outsourcing and IT consulting by:
  • Performing a 360-degree review of client’s technology strategy and infrastructure
  • Designing an agile IT roadmap with specific, measurable targets, enabling client’s business to achieve their goals faster
  • Sourcing skilled talent and IT professionals to adopt the roadmap and accelerate the digital transformation process.
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IT Strategy and Consulting Services

Digital transformation challenges demand diverse, multi-talented teams. We rely on our multidisciplinary teams to deliver IT strategies and projects that generate value for your business and your customers.
Tech Strategy
Custom Development
UX/UI Design
IT Outsourcing
Remote Staffing
Staff Augmentation

Enable IT transformations with the right strategy

As North America remains one of the largest markets for innovations and technology solutions, businesses in this region realize the importance of being able to adopt effective IT strategies that accelerate digital transformations. Skilled, on-demand IT workforce is key to their success.

Intersog’s team counts more than 250 professionals who have strong IT skills and deliver excellent results, exceeding our clients’ expectations. Team with Intersog to rethink your IT strategy and leverage the right innovation and talent for business growth.

Schedule a free 25-minute call with our consultant to understand how Intersog can help adopt the right transformation strategy for your organization.

Build software as per your special requirements

Companies that invest in custom software development gain key business differentiators and competitive advantages. Custom software is purpose-built to integrate with the intended environment, support business processes, and meet evolving user and market demands. It helps businesses meet their unique technical and business requirements at a cost competitive with purchasing and modifying commercial, off-the-shelf software.

Outsourcing custom software development tasks enables organizations to improve their performance and optimize IT workloads while focusing on core business tasks. Intersog helps businesses choose the right technologies and allocate the right talent for their custom software projects.

With more than 15 years of success in providing custom software consulting and development services, we are confident that our experts can design, code and deliver software that will meet your specific needs and help your business drive digital transformation. Our portfolio counts more than 1,300 projects delivered to our clients from North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Embed talented designers directly into your business

The quality of a product’s design and usability hinges directly on the qualities of the team delivering it. Good usability requires a rigorous understanding of the business domain that’s being designed for. When designers work together with engineers, developers, and product marketers, they are able to create experiences users will love.

Working with Intersog’s talented designers, you’re all but guaranteed to create something your stakeholders and customers will love. Rather than siloing our designers into your organization in Vancouver or other places, we cooperate with your product development team, key stakeholders and users by bringing them into the creative process from Day 1.

Outsource IT functions and projects

Digital transformation creates new opportunities for businesses. To stay competitive and grow, your business must constantly evolve and meet transformation challenges.

Our software outsourcing services will help your business bring together people and technologies you need to adapt your operations with speed as market conditions shift. We have a vast portfolio of talent and expertise to help you jumpstart your digital transformation journey.

Request a free, 25-minute call with our consultant to learn how Intersog brings together talent, technology and strategy to reinvent your business workflows.

Hire remote IT professionals within 4 weeks

We have specialized Vancouver and international in-house recruiters with deep knowledge of Canadian and American IT job markets. We take on every step of the IT hiring and consulting process. You don't lose your precious time and keep focused on your daily responsibilities.

With Intersog, you can hire IT professionals in up to 4 weeks, depending on your staffing requirements and project length. Here's how it works*:

  • Week 1: we communicate with you to analyze your staffing and project requirements.
  • Week 2: you get pre-qualified candidates. There’s no wasted time for you
  • Week 3: we hold technical interviews with selected candidates and submit CVs that meet your special requirements.
  • Week 4: we agree on the best candidates, sign the contract with you, and take on employee onboarding.

Expand your team with skilled IT resources

Intersog team augmentation is a remote staffing service that allows you to get access to Intersog’s vast pool of IT talent whenever you need to expand your technical team.

Build your extended IT team with Intersog staff augmentation services and utilize IT resources more strategically.

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IT Consulting Process We Follow

Discovery. Spotting problematic areas
Considering the expected outcomes and various options of your IT development, we choose the best ways to maximize the profits digital transformation can provide for your business.
Assessment. What technologies and talent are needed
Considering the expected outcomes and various options of your IT development, we choose the best ways to maximize the profits digital transformation can provide for your business.
Implementation. Providing IT and staffing solutions
Considering the expected outcomes and various options of your IT development, we choose the best ways to maximize the profits digital transformation can provide for your business.
Ongoing support & consulting.
Considering the expected outcomes and various options of your IT development, we choose the best ways to maximize the profits digital transformation can provide for your business.

The Right Technology and Talent for Your Business

We consistently keep track of emerging technologies to deliver advanced software solutions. Our IT strategy consulting will help you choose the right technologies for your business and industry, map out the implementation strategy, as well as help you implement them.
Artificial intelligence
Connected Devices
Cloud & DevOps
Mobile & Web
Use machine and deep learning algorithms to tackle your Big Data, and get valuable insights into your operations. Create AI-based predictive models for fail-safe decision making.
Connected Devices*
Cloud & DevOps*
Mobile & Web*


Do you have additional questions?
What is IT consulting?
When starting a new business or creating a new product in the realms of the modern digital market, it is essential to think through all the aspects that are involved in the process. Nowadays, you need people in your team who are professionals, have the required expertise, and can provide you with the business strategy. It is necessary as taking direction in the digital transformation of the company is not easy and brings years of experience, profound technical skills, and understanding of the modern market.
For this reason, our company offers consulting services that help enterprises automate processes and operations within the company, use the latest technologies to get the most benefits, and optimize their software portfolio.
  • A coherent and effective strategy is 50 percent of success,
  • we have all the necessary resources, including tech tools and professional team members
  • build a strategy to suit the needs of your enterprise.
Why outsource IT functions and projects?
Outsourcing is a management decision that requires some thinking and consideration. And it makes sense, because running an in-house IT department is often a time consuming task and requires a considerable amount of resources.
Outsourcing IT services to Canada will give your company the following benefits:
  • Lower cost of IT management. Many companies outsourced their IT needs. And they were right to do so, because it's cheaper than having in-house teams. But there are some risks involved in IT outsourcing.
  • More independence. Outsourcing IT services to a third party will allow your company to be independent, because you will have more time and resources for other, non-IT activities. Outsourcing allows you to balance your budget and spend less on IT if needed, without making drastic changes in the way things are done.
  • Improve your IT knowledge. Outsourcing IT services will allow you to gain more knowledge in the industry, by working with professionals who are already familiar with certain skills, processes or software. You'll start to understand how same issues look inside another company.
By outsourcing your IT projects and funtions to Intersog, you can access dozens of IT experts available in Canada. They will be able to provide you with all kinds of skills and talent, including software development, cloud computing, QA services, API integration, and more.

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