IT Outsourcing Services in Vancouver

Intersog offers top-shelf IT outsourcing services in Canada and the US and helps businesses achieve their digital transformation goals. Take your IT infrastructure to a whole new level with Intersog’s IT project outsourcing services.
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Best Tech Stack and Best Talents for Your Success

Intersog was founded with the client-centric model in mind, and after 15 years in business, we’ve perfected our model by helping businesses worldwide achieve their most ambitious goals. We provide IT project outsourcing and bring you value by:
  • Hiring Canada’s top IT talents 3-times faster than average – get things done in less than 4 weeks
  • The unparalleled experience we’ve gained by delivering more than 1300 successful projects over the years
  • A vast talent pool of more than 250 software developers ready to hop on your project and deliver results.
hire 3-times faster
technology projects delivered
IT experts at the ready

All-Encompassing IT Outsourcing Services

Digital transformation is a multi-faceted process that requires multi-talented teams and a number of solutions. Intersog helps you develop a digital transformation strategy, select just the right tech stack, and handpick the right people to achieve your goals.
Action Strategy
Custom Software
Tech Skills
Convenient Staffing
Strategic Partnership

Get your digital transformation plan and start on the right track

Intersog is an IT outsourcing company in Vancouver that has been providing top-notch consulting and software development services around the world for over 15 years. Thanks to our vast experience working with successful startups and Fortune 500 firms, we can say confidently that we’ve seen it all and that we are ready to take on the new project regardless of its complexity and size.

We have the right experience to kick your project off and achieve tangible results fast.

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Software that matches your unique needs

If you wonder why investing in custom software is a good idea, there are several reasons: a competitive advantage, new services, and products for your clients, better performance, and increased profit. As said, Intersog targets your needs and develops software that matches your goals, so all you need to do is tell us what bothers you and what needs fixing.

If you are looking for an IT outsourcing services company in Canada, look no further because we’ve got all of your needs covered. Each of our clients has different needs, but it usually comes down to increasing the efficiency of the firm in one way or another. We can build applications to improve communication between different between your departments, improve your customer relationships, address management issues, strengthen your IT infrastructure, or just entertain your users.

With our 15 years on the market and hundreds upon hundreds of successfully delivered projects, we can guarantee results that exceed the highest expectations. Our top experts will analyze your needs and deliver software solutions that drive your progress and help you achieve new heights.

Cost saving and brilliant results

Cost-efficiency is one of the main reasons why outsourcing has become so big in the first place, and it surely remains one of the critical factors that compel American companies to delegate their projects nearshore. Of course, the low price often comes at the expense of quality or performance speed, there’s no denying that basic fact. Intersog offers quite reasonable prices, impressive performance speed, and unparalleled quality.

As for the American companies, hiring developers in Canada is considerably cheaper than it is to hire the same kind of developers in the US; the difference is especially staggering when it comes to full-stack developers. The average annual salary of a software developer in the US is some $117,000 while Canadian developers make around $73,000 a year. That is why hiring people in Canada might just be your best idea if you want to save up some money.

Hire in-demand experts easily

The in-demand skill list might change from one year to another but it seems that there’s always a shortage of certain developers. That is exactly where IT outsourcing comes in handy; let’s say you’ve really drained your local pool of seasoned MEAN stack developers but you need at least three of them badly – Intersog can help you with that problem and get you as many MEAN stack developers as you’d need thanks to our broad outreach.

The problem right now is that there are never enough developers and every firm is constantly hiring more. Seasoned developers are truly valuable, which is exactly why it is hard to find one but the good news is that Intersog already got all the people you might need to get your project going fast and strong.

Hire a team of remote developers in just 4 weeks

Our recruitment experts in Vancouver can get you a team of any size in a matter of 4 weeks or less. Usually, it takes companies more than 3 months to hunt, recruit, and onboard the whole team of developers, and this timeline might expand if the team is supposed to be larger than average. At Intersog, you can get your whole team ready 3-times faster letting you focus on more pressing matters.

Depending on your staffing requirements and the duration of the project, it takes us up to 4 weeks* to hire the whole team of developers:

  • Week 1: Analyze your staffing needs and estimate the team size and talent stack.
  • Week 2: You get the CVs of our top candidates and choose the ones you see fit.
  • Week 3: We conduct interviews with the selected candidates and handpick the best.
  • Week 4: We sign the contract and onboard the developer – they are ready to roll.

More than a vendor

Intersog is your new reliable partner who genuinely cares for your success and wants your business to prosper. We build up strong cooperation based on trust, respect, and real care. Our goal is to drive your digital transformation and to help you achieve new heights with minimum waste and maximum benefit.

Build your unique team of IT professionals with Intersog and get to new heights.

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Our Methodology

Problem Identification and Analysis
We start by defining the problems within your organization, collect the data, and analyze the weaknesses to find the right solutions to the pressing issues. That way we learn what problems to aim for.
Choosing the Tech Stack
After finding which aspects of your organization need improvement, we select the right tech stack. Our developers work with many stacks and we choose the most relevant.
Tech Solution Implementation
An important part of the process is recruiting the right talents, and we choose just the right people for your project. Intersog is a talent powerhouse and we help you hire the best developers.
Support & Upgradation
We will support and upgrade your product throughout its lifecycle and make sure it remains relevant and functional for as long as needed. We can give you a support team for maximum efficiency.

The Perfect Tech Stack and the Perfect Talent Pool for Your Success

Intersog stays on the spearhead of innovation and constantly expands its expertise to give you the latest and the best solutions. We give you our top talents and implement the most efficient tech stacks.
Artificial intelligence
Connected Devices
Cloud & DevOps
Mobile & Web
We leverage the broad capabilities of AI and Machine Learning to gain insight and automate the manufacturing process.
Use the whole scope of advantages given by IoT and maximize the efficiency of your enterprise.
Take advantage of Cloud and DevOps for maximizing the efficiency of your service and tech stacks.
Get your mobile and web app ready to go and improve your customer communication now.
Intersog protects your sensitive data with the latest and most advanced cybersecurity solutions.


Do you have any further questions?
What is IT consulting?
To put it plain and simple, the main goals of IT consultants are to assess the needs of the clients, apply the right methodology for achieving those needs, implement the right set of solutions, and anchor the positive changes. That is exactly what IT project outsourcing experts at Intersog give you – a thorough approach that includes all the essential steps to guarantee superb results. It is paramount to have the people you can trust by your side, and we are the kind of vendor who can give you the team of the best consultants and developers in Canada.
Intersog is the partner you need to get access to the top IT talents in Vancouver and achieve the digital transformation you’ve been working towards. Our IT consulting services will prove useful for several reasons:
  • A coherent and thought-through strategy is half of success
  • Intersog gives you all the necessary resources, including top talents and advanced tech tools
  • We build a strategy that suits the unique needs of your organization.
Why outsource your IT project at all?
First of all, outsourcing your project means accessing a much larger talent pool that is not limited by geographic location. Many American companies choose to outsource their tech projects overseas, mostly nearshore, and that is where the Canadian talent pool comes into play. Finding the right people in your location might be a real challenge, and you don’t always have that much of a choice when recruiting people in your area.
The good news is that Intersog is a global provider of IT consulting, recruitment, and development services with a network of R&D centres across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. We give you the selection of our best talents, and you can choose any people who match your specs and needs.
Why outsourcing is a better idea than hiring developers myself?
The reason why you might prefer IT offshore outsourcing is flexibility. Hiring a whole team of developers on your own costs much time and money, and if you find out those developers are not competent enough, there’s nothing you can do but scrap the whole team and start over. With remote teams, you can swap the developers back and forth with ease without losing much time, and once the project is done, you do not need to sustain the team and keep paying monthly wages to each developer.
What makes Intersog IT consulting the best choice for Canadian businesses?
Making a choice is about considering all the pros and cons and picking what’s most beneficial for your business at the moment. Intersog delivers top-shelf services, does it fast, and charges a reasonable price for the service. When it comes to IT consulting, your best bet is to go with a partner who has the right kind of experience and knows what to do in your particular case.
Intersog has been around for more than 15 years working with Fortune 500 companies and successful startups, delivering success across industries and continents, and we can say we’ve seen it all. We can say confidently that we’ll find the right solution to address your unique problems and achieve your business objectives – you can surely trust Intersog with your digital transformation.
Why Vancouver?
Once dubbed Silicon Valley North, Vancouver lives up to its status with more than 600 software and digital media companies generating more than $2 billion in annual revenue and strong start-up culture. Many American companies have already outsourced IT to Vancouver, and to great results. As mentioned, the annual salary of a developer in Canada is two-thirds of that in the US, and the quality of work they put out is on par.
Canada and the US are neighbouring countries that share many similarities in their cultures and history, not to mention they speak the same language. Overall, you can’t go wrong with Canada and Vancouver in particular.

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