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Intersog offers nearshore IT outsourcing services that save you time, reduce costs, and help you avoid many, if not all, of the hassles associated with tech recruitment and vetting.
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Outsource IT projects with us

Intersog was founded with the client-centric model in mind. After 18 years in business, we’ve perfected our model by helping companies like Bosch and Tesla navigate the complexities of tech outsourcing — while addressing their talent and technology needs.
Reasons to choose Intersog's nearshore IT project outsourcing services:
  • Save time and money. Our IT outsourcing services take the headache out of tech hiring, giving you back time and money you’d normally spend on managing a nearshore team.
  • Avoid recruitment and vetting headaches. We only source top-notch IT talent who pass our thorough vetting process. This ensures you don’t waste time on demo reels and unqualified applicants.
  • Secure a solid IT arm. Our core team is backed by years of IT outsourcing expertise. We know how to best source, vet, and manage tech talent from nearshore and offshore locations, so you don’t have to.
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All-in-one nearshore IT outsourcing

We set up your nearshore team from Day 1 and provide ongoing management and support, so you don't have to worry about tech staffing, payroll, replacement, or benefits.
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Streamlining your company's IT strategy

Our team provides IT consulting and analysis services to determine how to scale your company's technology infrastructure, how to recruit and hire the right people, and what tech skills are still missing.

Your tech strategy should be as concrete as your company's business strategy. Our team takes a holistic view of IT and how it affects your business. We'll help you uncover the gaps between your goals and current technologies and form a plan to bridge those gaps to achieve tremendous success in the future.

Here are a few questions we ask our new clients at the very beginning of our relationship:

  • What is the role of IT in your company's business model?
  • Has your company experienced any difficulties with IT resources over the past few years?
  • How successful has your recruiting department been in souring IT candidates?
  • Can your recruiter fill in urgent roles in less than ten days?
  • What skills is your tech team missing most?

Fast recruiting

Once you have your tech strategy and goals, you want to hire the right IT professionals to help you achieve them. Many firms recruit daily from IT-related job boards and freelance marketplaces, but this time-consuming and tricky process often fails. The candidates that respond to your ads or requests are not a good match for your job openings or lack the right skills and experience.

This is where Intersog comes in handy. Our team will help you select suitable candidates from Vancouver, Toronto, or other nearshore locations, conduct vetting interviews, and test/review the candidates' work, ensuring that you hire the best talent possible. We have more than 18 of experience in nearshore tech recruiting, and we will find the perfect fit for your IT openings.

We'll help you determine the most critical roles essential to your business. We'll also help you decide which skills and technologies to invest in and which can be phased out. Finally, we'll make sure your team is productive and working together to reach the goals you've set. And once we find the right candidates from Canada, we'll train them so they can hit the ground running.

Cost saving and brilliant results

Cost-efficiency is one of the main reasons why outsourcing has become so big in the first place, and it surely remains one of the critical factors that compel American companies to delegate their projects nearshore. Of course, the low price often comes at the expense of quality or performance speed, there’s no denying that basic fact. Intersog offers quite reasonable prices, impressive performance speed, and unparalleled quality.

As for the American companies, hiring developers in Canada is considerably cheaper than it is to hire the same kind of developers in the US; the difference is especially staggering when it comes to full-stack developers. The average annual salary of a software developer in the US is some $117,000 while Canadian developers make around $73,000 a year. That is why hiring people in Canada might just be your best idea if you want to save up some money.

Outsource to Canada

We're a Canada-based outsourcing company. Hire a dedicated IT team or individual developers from Vancouver or another city in Canada and get the same advantages of US-based teams.

We've been in business since 2005 and have delivered over $1 billion in projects for American businesses. Intersog Canada outsourcing company is committed to helping its clients improve their bottom line through technology and talent. With Canada and the US sharing the same timezone, our clients get faster responses and real-time collaboration on projects end to end.

Our team of developers and software engineers is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We specialize in mobile, web, and enterprise app development. We've built custom solutions for different verticals, including health, education, social services, technology, media and marketing, banking, and finance.

Nearshore Developers

A nearshore developer is someone who is located in a country that's geographically close to where you are, but at the same time is much less expensive. You'll find these opportunities all around the world.

Intersog provides development services for our clients at a fraction of the cost of a US-based developer. Most US-based developers are almost twice as expensive as Canadians in the same position. This means we can provide our clients with highly qualified developers for less than half the price of their US-based counterparts. As a result, our clients save thousands of dollars per week. Our nearshore developers are usually located in Canada.

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Our Methodology

Problem Identification and Analysis
We start by defining the problems within your organization, collect the data, and analyze the weaknesses to find the right solutions to the pressing issues. That way we learn what problems to aim for.
Choosing the Tech Stack
After finding which aspects of your organization need improvement, we select the right tech stack. Our developers work with many stacks and we choose the most relevant.
Tech Solution Implementation
An important part of the process is recruiting the right talents, and we choose just the right people for your project. Intersog is a talent powerhouse and we help you hire the best developers.
Support & Upgradation
We will support and upgrade your product throughout its lifecycle and make sure it remains relevant and functional for as long as needed. We can give you a support team for maximum efficiency.

The Perfect Tech Stack and the Perfect Talent Pool for Your Success

Intersog stays on the spearhead of innovation and constantly expands its expertise to give you the latest and the best solutions. We give you our top talents and implement the most efficient tech stacks.
Artificial intelligence
Connected Devices
Cloud & DevOps
Mobile & Web
We leverage the broad capabilities of AI and Machine Learning to gain insight and automate the manufacturing process.
Use the whole scope of advantages given by IoT and maximize the efficiency of your enterprise.
Take advantage of Cloud and DevOps for maximizing the efficiency of your service and tech stacks.
Building your company's IT strategy.
Intersog protects your sensitive data with the latest and most advanced cybersecurity solutions.


Do you have any further questions?
What is nearshore outsourcing?
Nearshore IT consulting is a form of information technology outsourcing in which a business hires one or more IT consultants in a nearby country to perform part of its IT functions, including system administration, software development, project management, and more. For example, your American company may use Intersog's Canadian nearshore developers to complement your existing in-house development team.
One of the main benefits of nearshore IT outsourcing services in Canada is cost savings. Typically, this form of outsourcing also is more reliable, flexible, and faster than local in-house IT recruiting. For example, our American clients save up to 30% of their IT budget when hiring Intersog's nearshore consultants from Vancouver, Montreal, and other locations in Canada.
Why choose nearshore outsourcing?
Nearshoring IT services outsourcing offers many advantages to companies expanding their business and staying competitive in today's stagnant economy. It allows companies to gain better control over cost and achieve growth on their terms. In addition, it has several benefits, including flexible staffing plans, immediate access to technical talent, shortened time to hire, and 24/7 support.
Three reasons to outsource IT functions to a Canadian provider like Intersog:
  • Outsourcing offers more value than a colocation partner. U.S. firms that outsource IT functions to a Canadian nearshore company can attain higher returns on investment since their colocation providers are typically more expensive.
  • Nearshore technology services enable you to access more resources more quickly. Nearshore partners allow clients to access more resources than they could otherwise. In addition, they offer greater flexibility by enabling firms to adjust their IT staffing needs depending on demand.
  • Canada offers skilled resources with a similar culture and language to the U.S. American firms can use Intersog's nearshore IT consulting services for the more complex pieces of their tech needs since Canada shares business and cultural values similar to the U.S.
Nearshore vs. offshore outsourcing
Nearshore and offshore outsourcing are widely utilized business strategies in the United States to add value, reduce costs and help companies grow and develop. However, while both models offer similar benefits, several distinct differences exist.
Let's take a closer look at the similarities and differences in the following areas:
  • Though your nearshore outsourcer may be located in a different time zone, the difference between the time zones is typically less significant than in an offshore relationship. For example, think of Canadian consultants from Vancouver (Pacific Standard Time, (GMT-8) versus Indian developers from Delhi (India Standard Time, GMT+5) to feel the difference.
  • Nearshore consultants and offshore developers alike may communicate via the same language; however, differences in local dialects and cultural values are often present depending on the region. For example, you will find a more direct way of speaking among Canadian developers versus Indian ones.
  • Cultutal proximity. As mentioned, Canadian nearshore partners offer proximity to a culture and language similar to the United States. This provides a less challenging transition for your U.S.-based team compared to developing countries with significant cultural differences.

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