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A trusted web development company from Vancouver. With over 18 years in the industry and 55 go-to web developers in Canada and Latin America, we know what it takes to design a stunning web application or site.
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Custom Web Apps and Websites

Intersog's custom web development solutions include website design, cloud migration and DevOps, web application development, and team extension that bring clients' ideas to life. Our web developers and designers employ the latest UX/UI, programming, and cloud-based technologies to create custom websites and applications that truly reflect your company's identity.
Our custom web development process will guide you through the end-to-end delivery of your project, including:
  • Agile approach to ensure high-quality standards and manage changes in the development process.
  • Wireframing and prototyping to visualize and model your bright idea.
  • Web frontend and backend development and continuous integration to build fully functional apps and user-friendly websites.
  • Site testing and quality assurance to help you identify issues that may still be lurking prior to launch.
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Web Development from A to Z

We offer our clients a full range of web development services to meet their project needs. So whether you need a custom WordPress-like website or an eCommerce single-page application, we have the skills and tools to complete the job on time and within budget.
UI/UX Design
Frontend Development
Backend & Database
Cloud Migrations
IT Support & DevOps

Full-cycle website design development

Creating a website from scratch, including wireframing, navigation components, user experience strategy, quality assurance, and maintenance.

Our web designers are pros at every stage of the design process. From the initial sketch to the final production, we take care of every detail, from color palettes and typography to user flow and interaction.

Get the UI and UX matching your needs

Web design doesn't stop at UX/UI; we also build the frontend code that makes it all work. From HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to responsive design and interactivity, our website designers and programmers are experts in creating beautiful, responsive interfaces across all platforms.

We follow the best practices of frontend web development, implement accessibility standards, and use modern development tools to make your sites easier on the eyes and available on all browsers and devices.

Coding the backbone of web based systems

The backend of your web-based system is what keeps it up and running. It is where your data is stored, and the commands are sent to the frontend for processing and display.

We use a variety of web services to do everything from image optimization and caching to user experience design. Flexibility keeps our clients happy and helps us complete projects on time and within budget.

Improving scalability and lessening costs

Moving an existing website or web-based application to a cloud services platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. This complex process requires integrating many different services, such as database management software, log management systems, security software, and more.

You won't have to worry about this process with Intersog. Our Vancouver web development team will work with you to determine your needs and set up an efficient cloud migration strategy to keep your web project secure and 99,99% uptime.

Growing your web development in the long run

We will help you maintain and grow your web-based systems in the long run. Our Vancouver team will serve as technical advisors and IT consultants, helping you configure your systems, troubleshoot issues, and implement regular software updates to ensure stability and reduce downtime.

We will work with your programmers and engineers to support your development project and keep it running smoothly and securely. But, of course, you can always rely on our DevOps and systems engineers team for ongoing support.

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Why Hire Our Vancouver Web Development Company

Since 2005, Intersog has helped big and small businesses successfully deliver their web projects. We employ the top talent and the latest web development technologies to ensure your business is always on top of its game.
18 years in business
We've successfully worked with hundreds of clients in multiple fields and have the robust experience to get your website or web-based application completed on time and within budget.
Top web developers
We vet and hire our website developers based on their skills and experience, not just credentials and certifications. So we'll always go for the top talent, even if it means a delay in hiring.
Affordable rates
Intersog is one of the top-rated web development companies in Vancouver, BC, with developer hourly rates averaging 20% lower than the competitors from the United States.
Team extension
Our core team collaborates closely with clients to determine their goals and build the right web solution. We are happy to provide full-time and part-time website developer resources.

Web Technologies We Work with

Intersog goes toe-to-toe with the latest tech trends and keeps on expanding our expertise to give you the most relevant solutions. We help you implement the latest and most efficient technologies to benefit your business.
Artificial intelligence
Connected Devices
Cloud & DevOps
Mobile & Web
Use the whole potential of AI and Machine learning for automated manufacturing and business analytics.
Harness the power of IoT and maximize the efficiency of your digital ecosystem.
Improve your business processes and maximize the efficiency of your tech and service stacks with cloud computing.
We develop high-quality mobile and web applications to help improve your customer engagement and communication.
As cybersecurity becomes much more of a concern to businesses around the world, we protect your database with the most advanced anti-fraud solutions.


Do you have any further questions?
What are the most popular web development tech stacks?
Right now, MEAN might just be the most popular tech stack but it does not mean it fits all situations and all projects. So, the short answer is MEAN – it is the most popular web development tech stack. Intersog leverages MEAN stack to deliver top-quality web development services to clients across many industries but that is not the most important thing here. What is really important is that we have the right stack of talents to fit literally any kind of project.
Delivering custom web development in Vancouver and across the entire continent, we’ve realized that the most valuable thing is having the right people who can handle your project and deliver tangible success. You can use Python, JavaScript, PHP, or any other kind of language or framework, as long as it fits your project, and it will work just fine if you have people who can put that tech stack to good use.
Naturally, it is always great to use the most relevant tech stack but it will not matter if you don’t have a team of great developers to make all of that work. Intersog has both and we offer you our best so you can get your business to a new level.
Why should I outsource my project?
There are several reasons why you might want to outsource your project to a custom software development company nearshore. First and foremost, it gives you access to a broader talent pool; many companies in the US outsource their projects to Canadian software development companies. Finding the right talents in your local talent pool might turn out to be quite a challenge, which is why so many American companies turn to nearshoring their project to Canada.
Secondly, outsourcing gives you the time and human resources to focus on your core activities. Running a huge corporation is not an easy task, and sometimes you just need to get some of that weight off your back. Delegating some duties to the outsource vendor is a much better idea than trying to handle all of that on your own. Many large companies outsource non-essential projects to the vendors overseas, and if you have the project you are just too busy to give your full attention to, giving it off to a nearshore development team is a good idea.
Flexibility is yet another reason why it is a good idea to hire a remote team. Just imagine you’ve hired a number of web developers yourself; you’ve spent months hunting, interviewed them all, onboarded that whole team, and now you see they are not exactly fit for the job. Or they’ve finished the project successfully and you do not really need the whole team of developers anymore. Either way, you are now stuck with the choices you’ve made. With remote teams, you have more freedom to hire fast and change the composition of the team on the fly and finish the cooperation whenever you want. There also are such benefits as reduced cost of development and many more.
Why is Intersog IT consulting and development services the best choice for my business?
Intersog offers an unparalleled combination of technology and talent to get your project from the ground up and deliver results that exceed the highest expectations. With Intersog, you can hire 3-times faster than regular, get your project done faster, get a top-quality product, and even save some of that budget money.
We are located in Vancouver, Canada, so you can tap into North America’s top talent pool and get the very best out of it. Intersog leads digital transformation worldwide, and we’ve been around for 15 years now, which gives us the experience and knowledge to work on the most complicated projects. So, if you need a reliable IT development partner, Intersog is your best choice.

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